Mokushi Jozu

trans lesbian | pro-arsonist | neurodivergent

she/her pronouns


This is an archived synopsis of a roleplay that took place in 2019.

In the Massacure: Project/Refuture universe, Mokushi was born in 2038 to a family who was no more than 'tolerating' of her. Despite a loveless marriage between her parents and a distant mother, she persisted in their dingy apartment with bright ideas for when she was an adult. Her father, a graphic designer whose career was unsuccessful, was her idol; she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.

Academics-wise, she was earnest but disappointing. Despite her best efforts, she lacked any natural talent... At first, she assumed that it was a lack of practice that held her down. To remedy this, she would sit inside at recess and study in order to improve. Later, she would use all her spare time towards practice and study, day in, day out. She had no friends or social life to speak of.

Though she didn't have friends, she did have enemies. In particular, a boy called Tsubasa Ken, whose natural talent in the field of art was so impressive that at the age of twelve, one of his paintings sold at an international auction for three thousand euros. What made him Mokushi's nemesis was his personality. He wasn't arrogant nor was he mean-spirited, but he was lazy- he didn't even care for art. Every so-called masterpiece he made would be completed in mere hours. It made Mokushi sick with envy.

Hours of work spent trying to best him became days on end. Her desire to be better than Tsubasa became an obsession. She would watch as the paintings she took three sleepless nights to perfect would be outclassed by his fifteen minute improvisations and last-second sketches, all while he dismissed art as boring and a waste of time. It got to the point where she would neglect everything else in her life and focus entirely on art; on nights where her urge to improve ran out, spite and jealousy were the motivators.

In Mokushi's teenage years, the Refuture Movement began to take place. The Extraction Initiative would take the most talented individuals from across the world and crest them with the title of Ace. These Aces would be taken to exclusive institutions where they would hone their talents and improve society... or so that was the plan. Reading about this on the news gave Mokushi a fleeting burst of hope and a fiery determination to become the Ace Artist, proving once and for all that she was better than all of her peers and, most importantly, better than Tsubasa.

He got the title when Mokushi was 18. This sparked something inside of her: a malice for the Refuture Movement itself and every Ace student. In her mind's eye, they were all just like Tsubasa- naturally talented people who were gifted their life's success without ever having to try. Rejected by her peers and dismissed by her parents as being a 'sore loser', Mokushi took to the internet in order to seek out others who shared her thoughts.

This is when a new avenue of life was opened to her: New World Living, an organization founded on the removal of the concept of 'talent' entirely. An agent reached out to her upon noticing her outspoken rebellion towards the Extraction Initiative. They befriended her under the guise of a similarly scorned student, telling her about the organization and affirming her hate for the world by sharing a similar life story with her. Mokushi now believed entirely that she was right- convincing her that the solution lied with New World Living was only a matter of time.

After six months of patient manipulation from the end of N.W.L, Mokushi became fully devoted to seeing their vision come to life. Her hatred and envy had utterly consumed her: it wasn't about being successful or even happy anymore. It was about making those who had been deemed unworthy pay for their undue status in society. N.W.L had promised her revenge and satisfaction beyond anything she'd ever been given before, all for the supposedly low price of a single mission carried out in their name.

Her employers planned to detonate nuclear reactors across the world and create a twisted 'utopia' where living beings were cloned from one source, capable of exactly the same abilities. However, they were missing one key piece- a member who could realistically fit in with the Aces at Shudirenga Academy, able to gather information on this somewhat secluded institute and then kill everyone inside. This is where Mokushi would come in.

Once she had infiltrated the Shudirenga Academy, Mokushi ran into Haramoto Motohara, the Ace Seer. Without hesitating, she murdered the woman and stole her ID bracelet. This bracelet would allow her to pretend to be an Ace herself- her cover title being the Ace Nuclear Physicist. Hiding the body in a back room, she moved on to explore the rest of the facility, eerily quiet as it was. For her, the lack of activity was a blessing rather than a cause for concern: having nobody able to notice her meant free reign to do as she was instructed. Who cared why the facility was barren?

Unbeknownst to her, this was all a part of Haramoto's plan; being able to see the future, she knew that Mokushi was going to kill her and that her plans (unless stopped) would bring about the end of the world. When Mokushi moved into the academy's treatment centre, an Ace student working for the Extraction Initiative- who had been made aware of Mokushi's affiliation with N.W.L thanks to Haramoto's premonitions- stabbed her in the stomach. There was nobody there to help, nor anything Mokushi could do. As her killer left, there was nothing she could do but promise revenge that would never come, watching all of her efforts bleed out onto the floor of the Shudirenga Academy.

She dies a failure at the age of 19, with N.W.L's plans thwarted by the actions of the Shudirenga students.


alignment: lawful evil
temperament: choleric
enneagram: type one

SCP Foundation

NOTE: This page is not complete!

Mokushi was raised by a mother who seemed to hardly care about her daughter beyond creating a miniature version of herself, and a father who barely interfered. Mokushi aspired to be an artist, like her father, but always seemed to mess up in some way, and her mother would reprimand her - sometimes cruelly - for it.

She grew up in this unloving environment until her parents had a family reunion one year, where the whole Jozu family attended. At one point during the reunion, her mother was too overbearing, and Mokushi reached her limit and pushed her mother away before running off to the backyard. Unknown to her, she pushed her mother into a table that fell over, knocking a burning candle to the ground that eventually sent the house up in flames. The fire ended up destroying the whole house, and killing her family in the process.

Over the next few years, Mokushi struggled to put the pieces of her life back together. She took up barely-tolerable jobs to take care of herself, but still tried to hone her art skills, hoping to become a worthwhile artist one day. She would spend time at a few different galleries and art exhibits, on rare occasions.

Mokushi was eventually discovered by the SCP Foundation, as she had attended an art exhibit that turned out to be anomalous but had no effect on her. Everyone else who had been exposed to it were mentally scrambled by it. Due to the Foundation's discovery that she was immune to memetic hazards, they sought her out as a researcher. After some suspicion, she ended up accepting the job.

About a year into her employment at the Foundation, she was put on a research team with Avery for SCP-X. Mokushi was skeptical and wary of him at first, but eventually warmed up once she realized how actually competent they were. Avery took an easy affection to her, and the two of them started to become friends.

Months down the line, the Foundation discovered transmissions coming from the deep of space. They would choose three people to go on a mission to investigate it, and Mokushi did her best in hopes of being one of those three. Eventually, three Foundation employees were chosen: Avery, Mokushi, and Leslie.

The three of them were boarded onto the Tardus and put into cryogenic stasis, as the trip would take nearly 100 years to complete.


alignment: lawful good
temperament: choleric / melancholic
enneagram: type one

Fallout 4

Mokushi was born January of 2076, the year before the Great War. Her parents lived in Sanctuary Hills, right by Vault 111. When the bombs fell, they were admitted into the Vault with their child. She was put into cryogenic stasis while being held by her mother.

180 years later, in 2260, Kellogg kidnapped the infant Mokushi from Vault 111, killing her mother in the process. He took her and hid out in Diamond City for 7 years, until she was 8 years old. Mokushi met Avery when she went to the Science! center one day. She told Avery about Kellogg, explaining how she didn't like him very much.

Soon after, Avery took Mokushi from Kellogg, leaving Diamond City to go hide out in Sanctuary Hills. Kellogg eventaully tracked them down, and Avery ended up killing him to keep both of them safe.

After Kellogg's death, Avery continued to take care of Mokushi. When she was old enough to go out on her own, Mokushi decided to join a caravan as a doctor, to help people across the Commonwealth. She eventually got her own caravan team together instead of tagging along with other people, and continued to travel and help people when they needed it.

While Mokushi became a caravan doctor, Avery became the General of the Minutemen. Mokushi arranged her caravan routes to regularly stop by the Castle so that she could visit them. Avery also liked to join her for a trip every once in a while, usually filling in for a guard.

On one trip they took together, to Somerville Place, Avery ended up turning into a feral ghoul. They were setting up camp when it happened, and Mokushi had to kill them so she wouldn't die. She had to bring the news back to Preston and the Minutemen, who dispatched a group to retrieve Avery's body for a proper burial.

After Avery's death, Preston asked Mokushi to step up as the new General of the Minutemen. She declined at first, feeling like she couldn't possibly fulfill the same position that Avery maintained for years. She instead asked Preston to help introduce her into the Minutemen, being unfamiliar with them beyond her visits to see Avery.

She also feels a lot of guilt for Avery's death, constantly plagueing herself with questions like, "what if it wasn't permanent?" and, "what if it could be cured?" Because of this, she cannot fight or retaliate against feral ghouls, being too aware that they all used to be people, too.

While training to become the General, Mokushi visited Sanctuary Hills, where she grew up with Avery. It was only now that she finally took a trip up the hill to Vault 111 where Kellogg had kidnapped her and killed her mother. When she reached the cryo pod, her mother's corpse was still there, but her father was nowhere to be found. The only thing she found was a holotape, of Kellogg and who she could only assume to be her father, being taken out of cryogenic stasis.


alignment: neutral good
temperament: sanguine / phlegmatic
enneagram: type seven

Fallout 76

Mokushi was born January of 2077, ten months before the bombs fell in October. Her parents brought her into Vault 74, in Pennsylvania, where they were living. The experiment of Vault 74 was to see how children dealt with the grief their parents' death, and how they reacted when they were "brought back" as very obvious Mr. Handy robots.

There was an uprising in Vault 74 when the now-grown children realized what was going on. Some of them were killed by the Mr. Handys, while others managed to escape to the Wasteland because they realized they had no plans beyond "overthrow the Overseer." Nobody told Mokushi about what they were planning, so when she woke up later that day, she was left with plenty of Mr. Handys and the bodies of the few people who couldn't escape the Vault.

After a few years in the Vault with no company but the Mr. Handys, she had no choice but to leave when supplies were almost completely gone. She spent a few years wandering the Wasteland before finding her way to the Appalachian Wasteland and meeting Avery.

The two of them met when Mokushi was sneaking around a raider camp one night and stealing their supplies. Before she could go to leave, she heard a gunfight break out in the camp, and couldn't safely escape until it was over. By the time it finished, Avery was the only person still alive in the camp, ransacking the raiders that he had just killed. Mokushi had moved to leave but Avery noticed her and told her to stop. She froze in place upon being told to stop because she was terrified by the Super Sledge that Avery was wielding.

After a short interrogation from Avery, he decided that she wasn't any threat to him. He offered to let her travel with him and stay at his C.A.M.P., to which she tentatively accepted. The two of them now explore the Appalachian wasteland together.


alignment: lawful neutral
temperament: phlegmatic / melancholic
enneagram: type two